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Clay and Glass Series

  Clay and Glass Series

Unglazed stoneware, Cast glass, Turmeric, Acrylic sealant / 29" x 18" x 17" / POR

To create this series of animal forms, I developed a unique method of casting glass into clay.  

Bisque fired clay and molten glass are incompatible at high temperatures.  I use this to create the sense of age and wear in the work.  

I begin by sculpting a form out of foam, wax and bondo.  I then make a multiple-part plaster mold around the original form. This mold can be opened to so as to remove the form without destroying it.  I then cast liquid clay, known as "slip" into this plaster mold, which yields a hollow clay version of the orginal form.  The hollow clay animal is bisque fired, and then packed upside-down into a steel box containing sand.  The box, sand and clay is heated in a kiln to 1400º F, and 2200º molten glass is ladled into the clay.  The resulting cracking that occurs in the clay from the shock of the hot glass gives the work its aged appearance.  

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